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Air Filter Cleaning Service
A new service offered by an Illinois cornpany cleans diesel engine air filters for only half the cost of buying a new filter. Lets you clean a filter as many as 20 times.
Farmers ship dirty filters to the company to be cleaned by a patented new machine that uses a combination of sonic pulsation and vacuum to remove dirt. The filter rotates between four air jets which travel up and down the length of the filter, creating a sonic pulsation effect on the filter pleats that releases dirt which is then vacuumed.
Bill Galloway, president, Nu-Air Corp., Normal, Ill., says, "We charge $20 to $30 per filter depending on size. Each filter may be cleaned up to 20 times before being replaced. We encourage farmers to buy an extra filter and to send us their old ones to have cleaned and returned. The machine can handle filters 12 to 30 in. high and up to 18 in. in diameter. Gas engine filters are smaller and less expensive so they're generally not worth cleaning.
"It takes a special machine to clean dirty air filters without damaging them. People have tried using air pressure to clean them, but if you use too much pressure you'll damage the filter. Cleaning a filter with water can weaken it and cause rust, and also solidify some of the dirt rather than remove it. Our machine restores a dirty filter to within 98 percent of a new filter's holding capacity and actually makes it work more efficiently than a new one. A protective cake of dust, or `precoat', that initially collects on a new filter is what allows it to operate at maximum efficiency. Our cleaning process automatically leaves a coating on the filter so that it starts out at maximum operating efficiency rather than spending the first 20% of its life getting up to maxi-mum efficiency. "Filters are weighed and flow checked both before and after the cleaning process. A halogen light is also used on each filter to check for imperfections and to make sure there are no holes in the filter."
The company is setting up dealers across the U.S.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nu-Air Corp., 2219 W. College Ave., Normal, Ill. 61761 (ph 309 888-4331).

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