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Double-Wide Push Mower
"It took too long to cut my lawn with a single 22-in. wide push mower so I built my own `double-wide' mower out of two push mowers. It mows twice as fast as a single push mower and works better than a riding mower," says Charles Roth, Greencastle, Penn.
Roth built the "double-wide" push mower by building a deck that ties the 22-in. wide mower and a 20-in. wide mower together.
"It really cuts grass in a hurry and didn't cost much to build," says Roth, who made the mower 6 years ago. "It cuts 40 in. wide, but actually cuts more than twice as fast as two 20-in. wide mowers because I'm making fewer passes and not over-lapping as much grass. It does a better job than a riding mower because I can mow right around trees without missing any grass. Also, there are no belts to break. Although it weighs about 100 lbs. and isn't self-propelled, I can push it as fast as a single mower because our lawn is relatively flat."
The "double-wide" mower uses the two mowers' original 3 hp Briggs & Stratton engines and blades. Roth removed the steel frames from both mowers and re-placed them with a 40-in. long, 20-in. wide, 3/4-in. thick plywood deck. He mounted the left motor and blades about 6 in. ahead of the right motor which allows each set of blades to overlap with-out interference. He bolted a pair of angle iron brackets to the top of each side of the deck and attached four mower wheels to them. A 16-in. long, 1 1/2-in. dia. roller at the front and rear keeps the mower from hanging up on uneven ground. Roth lengthened and widened one mower's handlebars and bolted the lower end of each side to the angle iron wheel mount brackets. "Both ends of the handlebar pivot on a bolt, allowing the handlebars to swing about 10 in. up or down as the mower goes over bumps."
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