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Grain Platform Roller Feeders
"They feed the crop faster and more evenly into the header, increasing capacity and preventing plug-ups," says Giuseppe Rosso, sales manager for Rosso Systems, manufacturer of new roller feeders for grain platforms.
Two 4-in. dia. rubber-coated rollers mount just behind the cutterbar on any combine grain head. The reel remains in place.
As the crop is cut, it falls onto the rollers and is carried back to the feeder auger. The rollers spin at rpm's 3 to 6 times faster than the reel. They're especially good at carrying short stalks and loose grain into the header. This material might otherwise fall back over the edge of the platform or cause a build-up.
"We've tested the roller kit in most crops. They work great under all conditions, keeping grain from balling up under the header and saving grain that might otherwise be lost," says Rosso. The rollers are chain-driven by a sprocket mounted on the end of the feeder auger. You set roller speed by changing sprockets at the ends of' the rollers. Rollers should spin faster in wheat as compared to rice, for example, due to the increased weight of the crop.
A roller feeder kit sells for $1,550. The company has already sold several units in Texas for use in rice fields.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rosso System, 13030 Larizzate, Vercelli, Italy (ph 0161 392284).

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