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Pneumatic Doors Work Great On Grain Truck
Marshall Litchfield and Mike Sayers de-signed and built these pneumatic folding doors for their grain truck to keep corn from blowing out during the 45-mile trip from their Macomb, Ill., farm to the elevator.
"Roll tarps leave a lot to be desired," says Marshall. "We built the doors to last longer and to open and close easier than any roll tarp on the market."
Framed with 2-in. dia. exhaust pipe and covered with aluminum siding, the four 2-ft. wide doors slightly overlap the 7-ft., 6-in. width of the 18-ft. long grain box. Besides wind, they also do a fair job of keeping out rain, Litchfield notes.
The two center doors are opened and closed by a 2 1/2 by 30-in. pneumatic cylinder plumbed into the truck's air brake system. Two small hydraulic cylinders on the door opening mechanisms act as snubbers, or shock absorbers, to cushion opening and closing.
"It's worked great from day one with almost no changes," says Marshall.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marshhall and Kendell Litchfield, 15340 N. 700th Road, Macomb, Ill. 61455 (ph 309 254-3481).

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