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Trip-O-Matic Gate Opens Automatically
"It's the first automatic self-opening farm gate that doesn't require an outside power source," say developers of the "Trip-O-Matic" farm gate that uses mechanical linkages to open and shut farm gates.
The gate opener uses two 6-in. high triggers installed in the drive path ahead of and behind the gate. Two aircraft cables run from each trigger to the gate post. When a tire pushes the trigger bar down one way, the cable activates compression springs that open the gate. When the vehicle runs over the trigger on the opposite side, the springs close the gate. When the vehicle comes through the gate from the other direction the triggers simply work in reverse.
The gate kit is designed to fit existing gates that weigh 150 lbs. or less and are not over 16 ft. long. The opening springs have 700 lbs. of thrust when activated and will open a 14-ft. gate weighing 100 lbs. in 3.9 seconds.
The gate kit sells for $1,091. A modified kit equipped with an air cylinder that holds the triggers flat to the ground when the vehicle passes to prevent snagging on low clearance vehicles, sells for $1,236.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Total Concepts, Inc., 620 Highway 79 North, Henderson, Tex. 75652 (ph 214 657-8061).

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