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Hinged Toolbar Plants Wide, Narrow Rows
How about this a new double-hinged planter frame that lets you plant wide or narrow rows at the touch of a hydraulic lever.
Invented by Iowa farmer Dennis Duello, of Vinton, it plants split rows when folded up in the narrow-transport position.
Called the "Black Bifold Machine," it's available in several models. The largest, for example, plants corn in 12 "wide rows" with 30 in. spacing between rows. At the touch of a couple hydraulic levers, the double-hinged wings fold back and away into a "split row" configuration for planting soybeans in narrow 15-in. rows. Three planting units on each end fold in behind to "split" the 30 in. spacing of row units up front. An additional rear row unit is mounted in the center, allowing the bi-fold toolbar to plant 13 narrow rows (15 in. spacing) or 12 wide rows (30 in. spacing).
When planting wide rows, the extra 13th row unit is removed. It'sthe only row unit that has to be touched in switching from wide to narrow rows, or vice-versa, on the 12 row toolbar. All other row units automatically move into position as the toolbar folds or unfolds hydraulically in less than five minutes.
The 7 by 7 in. toolbar (3 in. thick) is available in the following sizes: 12 rows with 30 in. spacing, and eight rows with 30, 36 or 38 in. spacing. A 16 row model (30 in. spacing) is on the drawing board. All toolbar models accept Deere Max-Emerge, Kinze, or White row units, and may be available for International Cyclo units by next spring, according to Duello. Retails for $10,000 to $11,000 less planting units. A toolbar-mounted liquid fertilizer attachment is optional.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Black Machine; Dennis Duello, Owner; Rt. 2, P.O. Box 138, Vinton, Iowa (ph 319 472-2010, or 472-4677).

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