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2 hopper gravity box grain truck
"It's a lot easier to use than a conventional grain truck because it unloads out the side. The driver doesn't have to back up to an auger or raise a box hoist," says Richard Gidel, Williams, Iowa, about the double hopper"gravity box" grain truck he built by mounting a pair of 220-bu. gravity wagon grain boxes on his 1965 International cab-over truck.
The truck was originally designed as a moving van. Gidel stripped off the cargo box. Then he bolted a pair of 10-ft. long gravity wagon boxes to the truck frame.
"It works great for hauling loads from the field to our bins," says Gidel. "My wife uses it most of the time and makes it easier for her to unload since all she has to do is pull up alongside the auger hopper. The truck is equipped with a4-speed transmission and a gearshift lever mounted on a column. An-other advantage is that it'll haul grain at 35 to 50 mph over the highway instead of 15 to 17 mph with a tractor.
"I added a hitch on the back of the truck so I can pull a pair of Parker gravity wagons behind when I go to the field to start combining. I also pull my API 4-wheeler mounted on a trailer. Once I get to the field I drive the ATV back home to get the combine. At the end of the day I do every-thing in reverse. I never pull loaded wagons behind the truck because it puts too much strain on the transmission.
"I license the truck for only six months of the year because it's used only during harvest. It's road legal hauling up to 350-bu. of grain so when we drive it over the highway I fill the rear gravity box only half full. Otherwise I fill both boxes which saves time. I can also use the boxes to haul two different varieties of seed during the harvest season (when raising soybean seed)."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Gidel, 2950190th St., Williams, Iowa 50271 (ph 515 854-2406).

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