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Portable Burglar Alarm Works Like Giant Padlock
"It's the only portable outside burglar alarm on the market. Makes it easy to protect any type of equipment or building with no installation required," says Bud Nordine, inventor and manufacturer of anew first-ofits-kind alarm that transmits its warning signal to a remote receiver and also sets off warning sirens when tripped by burglars.
Nordine is a retired state highway patrol-man who's been installing burglar and fire alarm systems for the past 15 years. He developed the new alarm because "there was nothing like it on the market. It works like a giant electronic padlock and works great for tractors, combines, skid steer loaders, pickups, snowmobiles, motorcycles and any other machine. You can also use it to protect buildings or place it on farm gates or fuel tanks. It adapts to almost any situation and requires no installation to use. It's the simplest and most versatile alarm system on the market today," says Nordine.
The alarm consists of a plastic control box, about 3 1/2 by 7 in., that contains all the required electronics. One end of a 24-ft. long cable plugs into the box. The other end loops around whatever you're trying to protect as well as a tree or pole or another piece of equipment, and then loops back to plug into the box. If anyone cuts the cable, a transmitter in the control box sends a signal to a receiver that can be located up to 800 ft. away in the house. When activated, the receiver sets off a horn inside the house and also sets off sirens outside the house to scare off the intruder.
In addition to the cable alarm, the unit also contains a balance sensor that sets off the alarm if the control box is lifted or tilted in any way.
Nordine also makes a portable infrared motion detector for use in outside buildings that transmits an alarm to the receiver if anyone walks into area being monitored.
The transmitter control box is powered by a new-style lithium battery that's good for up to 10 years and will work in temperatures of 30? below zero or colder. Unlike other batteries, lithium is not affected by cold weather.
The receiver unit is 4 by 6 in. and plugs into AC current. Wires run from the receiver to a warning siren that mounts out-side. You can also wire the receiver into an automatic dialer or an existing alarm system. One receiver can receive signals from any number of transmitters.
"Until now there hasn't been a good cost-effective way to protect farm equipment, especially equipment like skid steer loaders and smaller tractors that can be easily stolen. Also works great on snowmobiles, boats, and some farmers even use it on their bulk fuel tanks. You can use a single cable to protect several different machines at once by looping it around them all. You can also take the alarm on the road. For example, you could loop it around a trailer while staying in a motel," says Nordine.
Sells direct for $179, which includes transmitter, receiver and outside siren. Additional transmitters sell for $69 each.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bud Nordine, Nordine Electronics, Rt. 3, Box 7, Sauk Centre, Minn. 56378 (ph 612 352-3993).

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