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Straw Saver Makes Easy-To-Bale Windrows
You won't have to worry about high winds wrecking straw swaths during or after combining if you mount this new "straw saver" on your combine. It directs chopped straw straight down into the stubble, keeping wind from blowing it away.
"We had trouble with high winds blowing away flax, rye, wheat and other small grain swaths which we wanted to bale for bedding. Most farmers prefer to chop the straw as fine as possible because it makes better bedding and causes less problems with manure handling equipment, but it's also harder to get into a good windrow for baling. This add-on unit totally solves the problem," says Norman Chouinard, of Lorette, Manitoba, who's already got a number of his "straw savers" out on farms. "Everyone who's tried it tells me it's worth its weight in gold."
Installs in about 20 min. After the initial installation, it takes just 5 min. to remove or to reinstall so you can quickly switch from making a tight windrow to spreading the straw.
"It makes a tight windrow that'll with-stand winds up to 45 mph. Lets you adjust combine to chop fine to eliminate problems with manure handling equipment," says Chouinard, noting that the tight windrows are also easier to burn off.
Raymond Phillipot is a dairy farmer near St. Claude, Manitoba, who bought one of Chouinard's first straw savers. "Before I used it long straw used to give me all kinds of problems, causing manure to bridge. Now I can adjust my combine to chops straw fine and blow it into swaths that are easy to bale."
Sells for $119.95 (Canadian) and adjusts to fit most combines.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Norman Chouinard, Nor-Al Marketing, Box 490, Lorette, Manitoba ROA OYO Canada (ph 204 878-2432 eves).

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