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First Two-Fuel Kit Now On The Market
"So far as we know, it's the first dual-fuel engine conversion kit on the market," says Mike Brown, vice president of Alcohol Fuel Injection of Ohio, about the company's new alcohohgas fuel system that lets you switch fuels, carburetors and timing in less than a second with a pushpull, dash-mounted lever.
The kit consists of two carburetors, linkage, a stainless steel storage tank, special manifold system designed to warm low-grade alcohol in cool temperatures, and other miscellaneous parts.
"The carburetors are linked together with a single control to the distributor. This dashboard control switches carburetors and advances the timing about 8?, which has the effect of raising the compression about 2 pts. A separate electric switch changes fuel lines," explains Brown, who is also the author of "Brown's Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook," which, according to Brown, sold more than 80,000 copies. one-way conversion,. upping the compression, drilling out carburetor jets, and changing the engine over permanently to alcohol. After the change, though, gasoline will run poorly in those vehicles. We're giving people a choice," says Brown.
After conversion, the two carburetors sit 6 in. higher than the original carburetor on top of an adapter/heat riser mechanism. For this reason, Brown says, "The kit is designed primarily for pickups. Cars don't ordinarily have the head-room required."
Although they're already installing units on a custom basis, the company plans to set tip a dealer network to mass-market the kit. For $7,000, a new dealer receives an installed dual-fuel system and an area dealership.
"We need about 500 qualified dealers to raise the cash for a mass marketing effort. We picked up 30 at our first show recently," Brown told FARM SHOW.
For more information, contact:
FARM SHOW Followup, Alcohol Fuel Injection of Ohio, Inc., Box 302, N. Dayton Station, Dayton, Ohio 45404 (ph 513 237-8850).
A group of Farmersville, Ill., farmers and mechanics have formed one of the first companies specializing in one-way, gas-to-alcohol conversions. For less than $1,000, they convert your carburetor, install a fuel preheater and - the most expensive operation - increase your engine's compression by re-working cylinders and pistons.
"We normally increase compression to round 12:5 to 1, which still allows the car to run fairly well on gasoline," says Gary Lott, chief mechanic of the group. "We've converted several pickups already. Takes about 18 to 25 hours to do the job."
The company is considering marketing a do-it-yourself kit which would include plans, pistons, rings and everything else needed for individual models and makes, but for now works out of the Farmersville shop.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alcomotive Inc., Farmersville, Ill. 62533 (ph 217 227-3360).

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