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Build Yourself a Better Hog Barn
Latest new development in housing for hogs is the Noble Dome, said to be "cooler in summer, wanner in winter, costs about 30% less than conventional buildings and is designed to last a lifetime. Four men with little or no construction experience can erect it in only 5 days."
Here are key features that set the Noble Dome apart:
Precast concrete arches: They're set 8 ft. apart and can span widths of 26 to 34 ft. A polyvinyl plastic covering makes up the building's outer shell.
Natural air ventilation: An inflatable "bladder" (12 in. wide) running along the center roof ridge works in conjunction with inflatable side curtains. Air flow through these top and side openings is thermostatically controlled to provide the desired in-side temperature without the use of electically-operated fans.
"Our natural air ventilation system lets Mother Nature do the work, allowing us to reduce utility and maintenance costs to the bare minimum," explains Tom Noble, designer-manufacturer. "We use very little lumber or steel so there's very little to rot or rust. We're confident our new dome buildings will last at least 50 years."
The Noble Dome can be adapted to existing pits or platforms from 26 to 34 ft. wide.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Noble, The Noble Dome, Livestock Confinement and Equipment, Rt. 1 Box 185, Chapin, Ill. 62628 (ph 217 472-7781).

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