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One Person Hog Handling Table
"Our new Hog Handling Table enables one person to easily lay even the largest hog on its side to take care of hoof trimming, tattooing, castration, caesarean sections, blood sampling and other tasks," says Nick Yorga, president, Neyco Ltd., Rockglen, Sask. He invented the table with the help of his son Erroll at the request of an area hog farmer.
With the table upright and its vertical sideboard in position, the outfit looks like a hog crate. You walk the hog into it and then pull two 3-in. straps tightly around the animal. The nylon straps lie loose on the ground so the hog can step over them. Once the hog is in the crate, you tighten one adjustable strap just behind the hog's front legs and the other strap just in front of the back legs.
With the animal strapped in, you pull down on the top of the table, which lays the table (and hog) on its side. Nick says it takes about 50 lbs. of pull to lay the pig down. When finished working on the hog, lift the table and hog back up, loosen the straps and release the animal. The sideboard stays upright the whole time.
Nick notes that the table can be used for hogs 100 lbs. and heavier and for sheep.
It's 37 in. tall and 72 in. long. The painted steel model sells for $800. A stainless steel model is also available and sells for $3,800.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Neyco Ltd., P.O. Box 278, Rockglen, Sask. SOH 3R0 (ph 306 476-2524).

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