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Easy To Use Plastic Bale Wrap Machine
"We think we've come up with the simplest, most economical bale wrap machine on the market and the first bale wrap machine that's truly designed to be operated by one man," says Gerald Westhoff, manufacturer of The E-Zee Wrap 3-pt. mounted bale wrap and unrolling machine.
It takes about 30 secs. to wrap a bale once it's picked up by the unit's bale spear. There are 4 small spears that rotate the bale around the 5-ft. long, 2 1/2-in. dia. center spear. Controls for the hydraulic motor that spin the bale are located on the corner of the frame so the operator can stand on the ground and control it. A roll of cling-type wrapping plastic slides back and forth on an overhead boom, which can be quickly removed when the unit is used to unroll bales.
To wrap a bale, you simply tuck the leading edge of plastic under a twine string, start turning the bale, and pull the plastic roll slowly across the width of the bale. Westhoff recommends overlapping so that the bale is covered by a double layer of plastic. When the entire bale is wrapped, you stop the rotation of the bale by using a cable shut-off switch that hangs from the end of the boom. The remote cable shut-off also comes in handy if you have to stop the rotation at any point during the wrapping process. When the bale is covered, you cut off the end of plastic and tuck the loose end under.
"It costs about $2.00 to wrap with a double layer of plastic and about $1.25 to wrap bales with a single layer of plastic," says Westhoff, who also builds bale trailers, thrower racks, bale forks, hay feeders, cow lifts and hydraulic livestock movers. "Farmers who've seen it like the simplicity, easy operation and low price of this bale wrap machine as compared to other machines on the market."
Sells for $1,835.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerry's Welding & Fab., Inc., 6869 Columbus Street, P.O. Box 37, New Vienna, Iowa 52065 (ph 800 624-7554 or 319 921-3445).

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