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3-Pt Mounted 20 Ton Winch
A 3-pt. mounted 20-ton "wrecker" winch lets Richard Newton, Marengo, Ind., pull even the heaviest farm machinery out of mud in minutes.
Newton mounts the 40-year-old winch on his 55 hp Massey 165 diesel tractor. He bought the rig for $200 at an auction several years ago. It was equipped with a steel frame and a spool holding 200 ft. of 5/8 in. cable. Newton cut away part of the frame, then welded several pieces of heavy angle iron together to form a triangle shaped frame. A cross member, 6 in. above the bottom of the frame, prevents the winch from completely sinking in soft ground.
To operate the winch, Newton sets it on the ground and flips a lever which disengages the cable, allowing him to reel it out. After setting the cable's-hook on the vehicle, he activates the tractor's pto to start the winch. "The more the winch pulls, the more it digs itself into the ground," says Newton. "The strain of the pull is mostly on the winch, not the tractor. The transmission's low gear ratio makes the winch extremely powerful. We've used the winch to pull out tractors, neighbors' grain trucks, felled trees, and even a fully loaded lime truck weighing 11 tons."
To protect the tractor driver from a snapped cable, Newton says he plans to install a shield behind the driver. Altogether, he figures he spent about $400 on the winch and frame modifications.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Newton, Rt. 1, Box 131, Marengo, Ind. 47140 (ph 812 365-2495).

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