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Cutting Torch Slices Through Anything
You've never seen anything like the new Arcair "Slice" torch that cuts through virtually any metallic or non-metallic material made, including aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, reinforcing rod, bricks, plastics and every kind of iron.
"It's three times as fast as an oxyacetylene torch and can cut materials - like aluminum and stainless that oxyacetylene can't handle," says James A. Horvath, Arcair national sales manager, noting that the new Slice torch generates as much as 10,000?, virtually vaporizing many materials
The new torch is extremely portable, requiring simply oxygen at about 60 psi and either a 12-volt battery (for portability) or a welder electrical power source (which will generate the hottest cutting temperatures). Oxygen and electricity are fed to a special Arcair exothermic cutting rod that fits into the end of the torch. Once ignited, the rod will burn without electricity if fed by oxygen. Each rod lasts about 40 sec. and can be quickly replaced. To operate, you simply turn on the oxygen and touch the carbon steel cutting rod to the grounded workpiece or a striker plate. The cutting rod ignites immediately.
"It's ideal for nearly any cutting job around the farm. It'll cut through mud and rust-coated machinery and can be used to remove rusted bolts or pins. It'll cut concrete lined pipe, building foundations, iron beams, and can be used to put cutting edges on loaders," says Horvath.

The Arcair Slice torch sells for $275. Cutting rods currently sell for $1.50 apiece but the company expects the price to drop sharply soon due to a newly developed manufacturing process.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arcair, P.O. Box 406, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 (ph 614 653-5618).

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