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Get Ready To Talk To Your Computer
You don't have to lift a finger to keep detailed records with the new "voice command" data entry system introduced by Germania Dairy Automation, of Waunakee, Wis. Instead of pushing a pencil or punching a keyboard to make record-keeping entries, you simply talk them into a miniature microphone stapped around your neck.
"So far as we know, it's the first publically available system of its kind in the world," says Rolf Reisgies, president of Germania who, along with company engineer Russ Kohistad, developed the new "voice command data entry program" that anyone can talk to in any language.
Germania has programmed the initial system for dairymen, and for use only in the milking parlor. "We're developing software which will allow dairy operators to take the wireless voice command system out into the barnyard and, as they walk along, note which cows are in heat, in need of medical attention and so forth," explains Reisgies.
The new "talking system" ties into all existing IBM, or IBM-compatible computers. It carries a $7500 price tag and consists of a miniature microphone that straps around your neck, a battery-powered transmitter that snaps to a belt around your waist, and a voice-command receiver which translates verbal commands and sends them to your computer.
Germania's first-of-its kind new system adapts to any milking parlor equipped with devices (manual or automatic) for weighing each cow's milk output.
"For many dairymen, a once-monthly DHIA weighing isn't often enough. And the other alternative weighing each cow's milk output at each milking produces more records and information than most dairymen want or need, and its expensive," explains Reisgies. "Our new talking system gives you the best of both worlds. You can record individual cow milk weights once or twice a week -- or as often as you choose. And, you can do it without interfering with the milking operation, and for comparatively low cost since the system ties into your existing personal computer," explains Reisgies.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Germania Dairy Automation, 606 Cooper Road, Waunakee, Wis. 53597 (ph 608 849-5012).

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