1991 - Volume #15, Issue #2, Page #34
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Cross between a Holstein cow and a white tail deer

We really enjoy articles in FARM SHOW about unusual animals and wanted to send along this photo from the 1960's. Back then I hauled livestock. One place I hauled to was a sale barn at Byron, Ill., an area with a lot of white tail deer. I bought this animal out of a veal pen for $13. It was a cross betweea a Holstein cow and a white tail deer. It had no hair to speak of although it had the coloring of a Holstein. But it had deer hooves and legs and a deer tongue. Actually it looked like the back end was Holstein and the front end was deer, since its head was narrow and fine boned.
I finally sold it for $100 to a man who collected unusual animals. (Jennings Anderson, Rt. 1, Box 129, Mineral Point, Wis. 53565 ph 608 987-3614)

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1991 - Volume #15, Issue #2