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Lookout Camera Makes Big Load Hauling Easier
"Whenever I hauled a big load of bales down the road I had to have someone ahead of me to let me know if there was a car behind. This video lookout system lets me see for myself," says Lonie Rohr, Glad-stone, N. Dak. He mounts a video camera on the back of the load and runs a cable up to a TV mounted in his tractor cab.
"I made a wooden box with a window in it, padded with foam rubber. Then I bolted two long metal rods to either side of the box to stick into the bales to hold the box in place. I also tie the box to a bale string just to be sure it won't fall off. Then I put the camera inside the box and run the wire up to the cab.
"I can see more than 300 ft. behind me just by keeping an eye on the TV while driving. You need a 12-volt TV that'll run off your tractor and a video camera that'll run off the tractor battery or on its own batteries."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup,Lonie Rohr, HC01, Box 23, Gladstone, N. Dak. 58630 (ph 701225-9275).

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