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New Machine Flushes Sludge From Engines
When you change the dirty oil in your tractor or combine's engine, you probably think the job is done.
Not Kevin Lea of Lubbock, Texas. He's come up with a new, self-contained "engine flusher" that's designed to be used after dirty oil is removed but before new oil is added. Called "Tractor Flush", the just-introduced machine uses air pressure to inject a cleaning solution into the engine to remove sludge that coats the in-side even after dirty oil is removed. The machine can also be used to clean trans-missions and hydraulic systems.
"It can add years to the life of an engine or transmission," says Lea, who showed his innovative new system to the public for the first time at the recent Texas Farmer-Stockman show near Lubbock. "It removes over 84% of wear metals and other harmful contaminants that a normal oil change misses and keeps it from being recirculated throughout the engine after new oil is added. It's designed mainly for preventative maintenance and will reduce the need for overhauls. However, if an overhaul is necessary the job will be much easier if you flush the engine out first.
"Sludge can form inside an engine no matter how new it is or often you change the oil. Removing it reduces the engine's operating temperature and increases oil pressure, resulting in increased horse-power and improved fuel efficiency."
The "Tractor Flush" unit is equipped with hose adapters that attach to the vehicle's oil filter port and also to the oil drain hole. It's equipped with controls for a variety of pressure settings and for various soaking- circulating cycles. The cleaning solution is continuously filtered. Dirty solution goes directly into the waste oil for recycling.
Lea says he plans to sell the machine for about $10,000. "If you have three or more tractors it'll pay for itself in extended tractor life. Several farmers could buy a unit together, or you could earn extra in-come off the farm by offering it as a service. It's light enough that two people can put it in the back of a pickup."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kevin Lea, 4200 Boston, Suite 19, Lubbock, texas 79413 (ph 806 797-0177).

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