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New Weed Wiper Works Better Than Rope Wick
A first-of-its-kind herbicide applicator that uses specially designed "flow control" rods to bring free flowing herbicides into direct contact with tall-growing weeds works better than rope wick applicators, according to the manufacturer, Acra Industries, Col-fax, La.
"Our Flozone applicator is more efficient and produces more consistent weed kill than any other contact-type applicator," says John Richardson, owner. "It's a totally different technology from wick-type de-vices. Wick-type applicators dry out rap-idly when contacting weeds and it takes some time for the wick to become saturated again. That's why a wick-type applicator often requires two passes to get adequate weed kill. If you supply excess chemical to the wick, it'll drip and may cause crop damage."
The Flozone applicator consists of a boom fitted with curved rods spaced 4 in. apart. Chemical gravity flows from a tank above the boom to the rods. It flows down freely over the surface of the rods and is held on by surface tension as it follows specially de-signed grooves. Chemical flows onto weeds and grasses as they come into contact with the rods. Chemical that's not wiped onto weeds flows into a reservoir at the bottom of each rod and is then filtered and returned to the tank.
"The rods always remain full of chemical. Hardly any weeds escape, even in heavy infestations, because the Flozone rods never go dry," says Richardson. "Weeds are more thoroughly covered with chemical, which greatly increases herbicide effectiveness. At travel speeds up to 5 mph, a water/ herbicide ratio of 20 to 1 is typically adequate with the Flozone, compared to a 2 to 1 ratio commonly used with rope wick applicators."
The Flozone applicator boom fits together in 24-in. wide sections with 6 rods per section so it can be built to any length. It can also be retrofitted to mount in place of an existing rope wick.
A 6-row applicator equipped with a 20-ft. boom, sells for $3,942 and an 8-row applicator equipped with a 26-ft. boom sells for $4,970. Prices include lift assembly, reservoir tank, pto drive impeller pump, manual shut-off valve, tubing and clamps.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Acra Industries, Rt. 3, Box 81, Colfax, La. 71417 (ph 318 627-5504).

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