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PTO Shaft
This photo shows an old "pto shaft" that my father rigged up in 1918 to attach to the rear wheel of a Model T Ford. In those days it was customary to butcher hogs in the middle of winter. It was usually a family affair lasting 2 to 3 days. We would slaughter 7 or 8 225-lb. hogs and provide some of the finished product to relatives. Sausage grinding was done by us boys with a hand-cranked grinder. We would switch off every 10 min. or so when our arms got tired. When my Dad bought the new Model T in the summer of 1917, he decided to try to harness the power of the car to eliminate this tedious hand crank job. The drive shaft they came up with had two universal joints and bolted with J-bolts to the wooden spokes of the rear wheel. The other end fastened to the meat grinder shaft where the crank was set screwed on. The rear wheel of the Ford was jacked up as if you wanted to change a tire and the wheel on the other side was securely blocked to keep the car in place. It sure made meat grinding an easy task and did the job a lot faster, too. (Walter Roehrs, 24407 Jewell Rd., RL Defiance, Ohio 43512)

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