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Shielded Post Emergent Sprayer
"When pre-emergent herbicides don't control weeds in our soybean fields due to adverse moisture conditions, we run through fields with our home-built sprayer fitted with shields that protect the crop," says Jay H. Kneasel, Lebanon, Penn.
With tractor wheels spaced properly for the 14-in. rows, Kneasel can drive through beans up to 10 in. tall without doing any damage. That gives him plenty of time to get through the field with his sprayer which positions a flared shield on either side of the row. Nozzles are mounted between each set of shields.
"The sprayer was built cornpletely with angle iron, plate steel, and salvaged parts. Motorcycle wheels at either end of the 9-row boom follow the land contour and a hydraulic cylinder lifts it at the ends of the field. We've used it for two years with very good results," says Kneasel.
He uses pint Lorox and 1 pint 2-4-DB Butyrac in a 30-gal. per acre tank as his post-emergent spray solution.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jay H. Kneasel, 852 Mt. Zion Road, Lebanon, Penn. 17042.

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