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Mineral Feeder Sprays Cattle When They Lick
"It'll pay for itself again and again," says Frank Knapp, Mineral Point, Wis., inventor of a new automatic cattle sprayer that completely coats each animal with high velocity, low volume spray each time it enters for mineral supplements or salt.
The sprayer consists of a metal framework that cattle must enter to reach the mineral feeder. As they do, the weight of each animal pushes down on the floor, activating several spray nozzles located above the animal. It works without any human assistance and requires no auxiliary power since the weight of the animal creates the pressure to activate the sprayer.
"Cattle are consistently free from pests. It prevents problems before they ever begin," says Knapp, noting that the sprayer applies 1 to 2 oz. at a time, coating each animal evenly from head to tail. "It eliminates weight loss due to face flies, heel flies, pink eye, and lice. It also eliminates the need for round-ups to spray cattle."
Knapp builds the sprayer himself and sells it for $950. He's looking for a manufacturer to take over production.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup; Frank Knapp, Automatic Cattle Sprayer Co., Rt. 3, Mineral Point, Wis. 53565 (ph 608 987-2822).

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