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Hydraulic-Dump Grain Wagon
If you have trouble unloading wet grain from side unload wagons, you'll want to take a look at this idea from Radnor, Ohio farmer George Thomas.
Thomas says his older model Husky 225 bu. wagon doesn't have a steep enough dump angle to empty itself of wet grain. He solved the problem by mounting a pair of 3 -in. by 8-in. one-way hydraulic cylinders on one side of the wagon and reworking the other side to allow it to hinge.
"A lift of about 10? is enough to completely empty the wagon," notes Thomas. He attached the lower end of the cylinders to the wagon bolsters and the upper ends to a heavy piece of 4-in. angle iron he welded along the entire length of the underside of the wagon for support. He then unbolted that side of the box from the wagon chassis so it would lift.
On the dump side of the wagon, he removed one bolt where the box attaches to the cross member to allow it to hinge enough to dump. He says on other, differently designed wagons it would simply be a matter of building heavy hinges and welding them in place. Once modified, he says it's not necessary to pin down the unbolted side of the wagon. The weight of the box keeps it in place.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George R. Thomas, 5878 Hedley Rd., Radnor, Ohio 43066 (ph 614 595-3385).

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