Combine Return Auger Improves Threshing

"It saves up to a bushel an acre in wheat and canola," says Dave Kruger, Dalmeny, Sask., designer of add-on return auger for Massey Ferguson and International Axial Flow combines.

The system involves removing the rethresher off the combine and running grain that would normally go through the rethresher back to the front of the combine. There, it's fed back through the feeder housing and into the main cylinder. The return system improves threshing, reduces cracking and reduces sieve loss, according to Kruger.

To install, on Massey combines,you simply remove the rethresher and extend the auger and flighting. A 7-in. dia. auger is then installed alongside the combine and dropped into a cross auger that empties grain into a 4 by 17-in. hole cut in the top of the feeder house. The return auger powers the 7-in. drop auger while the cross auger is chain driven, or powered hydraulically.