Combine Crop Sprayer

Earl Metcalf, Cherokee, Okla., made a crop sprayer from an old self-propelled 1954 Oliver combine.

"I've used this sprayer for six years with very little trouble.

"I came up with the idea because I wanted a self-propelled sprayer and the old combine wasn't being used. I removed nearly all the tinwork and everything that had to do with threshing crops. I mounted a 300 gal. tank on the frame and used a roller type pump. The 9-in. pulley that runs the pump mounts on a shaft that once powered the combine cylinder. I mounted a 12-in. pulley on the pump itself. A boom fitted with jet spray nozzles is mounted on rear and all controls are mounted next to the tractor seat. The sprayer is also equipped with a hand-held spray gun with 50 ft. of hose attached for spot spraying fence rows, and also to spray cattle."