Slick Way To Jump Start Stubborn Engines

"It's the simplest, most economical supercharger on the market," says Jim Persinger, Fuel, Inc., about his new Super Boost kit that hooks two 12-volt batteries up to a heavy-duty switch for high-amp 12 or 24-volt jump starting.

Persinger says the Super Boost kit grew out of a need for a better way to jump start large irrigation engines. The kit is designed to connect a second 12-volt battery to the battery in your pickup. Heavy cables connect both batteries to a specially designed sliding switch that connects the batteries in either series or parallel, depending on where you position the switch. Power from the outlet side of the switch is carried to a pair of plug-in outlets that mount on the pickup bumper, or under the hood, so that you can simply plug in the pair of heavy-duty 15-ft. jumper cables supplied with the kit.

The batteries always remain hooked up under the hood and both charge whenever the pickup's running but the pickup electrical system never receives more than 12 volts.

"When the lever on the switch is in the down position, the two 12-volt batteries are hooked up in parallel so you have high-amp 12-volt power to hook directly to a 12-volt battery. When the switch is up, the batteries are hooked in series for 24-volt starting," says Persinger.

He notes that many farmers have found that, by connecting 24 volts directly to the starter of large displacement engines, they're much easier to start than cranking away with 12 volt power. "It turns the starter over twice as fast so it works great for starting big irrigation engines, large tractors and trucks," he notes, adding that he cautions farmers to hook 24 volts directly to the starter and not to the 12-volt batteries.

"Some farmers already carry extra batteries around in their pickup but, until now, there's been no good way to connect them up for charging. In addition, this kit keeps the batteries fully charged at all times while protecting the 12-volt pickup electrical system from damage," says Persinger.

Persinger says the switch is specially-built for heavy use. "One farmer hooked four large batteries up to it for super high amperage and has had no trouble with burn-out," he says.