2-Wheeled Tractor Works Great In The Woods

"It works well in the woods because there are no front wheels to worry about," says Leo Gallant about the strange-looking tractor, he made by combining parts from an old 50's Cockshutt 20 tractor with a garden tractor. "Basically I mounted the lawn mower on the tractor frame," he explains, noting he cut the front wheels off the Cockshutt.

The 16 hp twin cylinder mower had a vertical shaft, which made it trickier to hook up, but Gallant made it work. He also added an extra transmission from a Ford 1/2-ton truck to add more gears to gear it down for working in the woods. The tractor is "articulated" with a hydraulic cylinder and hinge on the drawbar that mounts to a permanently attached trailer. "It's mounted so it only twists side to side and not up or down," Gallant says.

The tractor is hydraulically-steered and small enough to maneuver in the woods, yet tough enough to haul big loads such as a 1 1/4 cords of wood. "It's working slick," Gallant says. "It was quite simple in the end."