Half-Scale Wagons Built For Heavy Work

Elmridge Machine's half-scale hobby wagons are heavy-duty working flatbeds, and good enough looking for U-pick fruit and vegetable operations.

The company's owner, David Lapp, needed a small wagon to work around his Lititz, Penn., acreage. He built his first one in 2007.

It's sized just right for an ATV, small farm tractor or a pony, Lapp says. He uses it to clean stables, haul firewood and gardening. Neighbors liked it so Lapp began making them to sell.

The 44 by 84-in. hemlock wagon bed is 16 in. high on a heavy-duty axle and powdered-coated steel frame that can carry up to 2,000 lbs. The wagon has 4-ply tires, a drawbar hitch and a rear hitch. The wooden deck is sealed with a UV-resistant all weather sealer.

"This is a working wagon. It's convenient to pull around your property," Lapp says. Many of his customers are homeowners and hobby farmers who use the wagon for spring cleanup, gardening, cleaning stalls and feeding a couple of cows.