Tubeless Tire Repair

"We've had tremendous response from FARM SHOW's report," says Charles Nealey whose new tubeless tire repair kit was featured in our January-February issue. The kit will fix up to 24 punctures in any size tire up to 24 ply. What's more, you can repair a punctured tire in less than a minute -- without even having to remove the wheel from the car, truck or tractor.

Nealey's repair kit includes an inserting tool that looks like a screwdriver with a needle eye in the end. There are also 24 rubberized strands of sealant.

"To repair a tire, you simply thread the repair strand through the eye of the inserting tool, push the threaded tool into the puncture up to the handle and give it a turn and a half," explains Nealey. "Then, pull the tool out until it clears the puncture and cut the repair tool free. The entire procedure takes less than a minute. The repair is permanent and will last the life of the tire."