2-Wheeled Unroller Cuts Feeding Losses

J. Russell Hargan, of Vine Grove, Ky., has designed a simple 2-wheeled device that he mounts on his tractor for unrolling big round hay bales.

Hargan says his method makes feeding time an easy chore and greatly reduces his hay losses.

The dual-wheel assembly was constructed from 5 by 1/2-in. scrap iron rigidly fastened to the tractor and two 20-in. dia. wheels mounted 20 in. apart on a truck axle, with pipe fittings for spacers. The tractor bumper was removed and the wheel assembly mounted in its place. The tires are mounted about 12 in. from the ground.

As the tractor is driven forward at 3 to 4 mph, the dual wheels rotate backward against the bale to unroll it smoothly and quickly.

There are several advantages to Hargan's unrolling process, as opposed to some other methods of feeding big round bales:

--Cattle line up along the unrolled bale to feed with a minimum of crossing over and hay tramping, thus reducing feed losses.

--Feeding sites can be easily altered to reduce soil compaction and tramping damage to the grass stand.

--Spreading manure is accomplished.

---It's an inexpensive, quick and easy way to feed cattle.

--Cattle need not be confined to a designated feed area.

Hargan's home-made unroller is not patented and he has no plans to manufacture it on a commercial basis.