Hydraulically Controlled Truck Endgate

Stan Schremmer, of Schremmer Manufacturing, Utica, Kan., sent FARM SHOW details on a new idea hydraulic endgate for grain truck boxes, which his neighbor invented and patented but had no chance to produce before he died.

Two cylinders, one on each side of the rear of the truck, provided the lift on a top-hanging frame. The endgate can be completely controlled, independent of the truck itself.

Schremmer says the system gives trucks controlled dumping, which is important for certain operations such as unloading beets on conveyors. "This gate would be handy in any situation where you want to control what you're dumping," he points out.

The endgate lifts completely out of the way when opened. The frame across the back of the box does not restrict access to the rest of the box. Hydraulic controls run from the back of the truck to the cab.

"In the patent papers, the inventor also received a patent for a livestock cage or lifting platform. To operate it, the gate is removed and the cage or platform, outfitted with vertical arms, is attached to the hydraulic lifting arms. When lifted, the platform is raised to the level of the box floor. Works great for loading livestock or supplies," says Schremmer.