New Power Hitch Simplifies Hitching

Now, thanks to a new power hitch introduced by Vesco Products, Centerville, Iowa, you can hook up to most any piece of towed equipment in seconds without leaving the seat of your tractor or pickup.

"The time you waste hitching up always comes when you can least afford it. This hitch cuts the several minutes you usually spend hooking up a grain wagon during combining to only 5 to 10 seconds," explains Ferne Van Antwerp, of Vesco Products.

A key design feature is that you don't have to be right on the money in lining up the pin and hole for hitching. If you are within 5 or 6 in. when you back up, that's close enough.

Here's how the new-style hitch works:

It mounts on the tractor's 3-pt. hitch. With the hitch in the lower, unlocked position, you back up to the wagon or implement to be pulled. The special tongue, which is welded or bolted to each implement used in conjunction with the hitch, slides into the wing-shaped catch-all which guides it onto the pin. The tongue's ball and socket drops over the pin from just about any angle and gives it some flexibility once it's hooked up. With the pin through the tongue, the hitch arms are raised, spreading the wings and clamping a safety bar onto the pin. You're now ready to go.

It's not just quick, but safer, says Van Antwerp. "You don't need a helper standing there between the implement and tractor where he might get hurt."

Because it's mounted on the 3-pt. hitch, the hitch can hook up to almost any height off the ground down to about 4 in. That's the height at which Vesco-designed wagon tongues are positioned so the driver never has to climb off his tractor to lift or handle the tongue.

At present, the hitch is made to fit all Cat. II and III hitches except White. A larger model fits the bigger 4-WD Category IV tractors. A smaller unit for smaller tractors will be available soon.

Vesco can also fit the hitch to pickups, mounting it permanently to the frame. On trucks not equipped with hydraulics, it operates electrically.

Van Antwerp feels the hitch may be even more of an advantage on trucks because you usually can't see anything behind you, and often waste the most time hitching up.

An optional quick-hitch attachment lets you use 3-pt. hitch equipment even with the power hitch mounted.