Air-Powered Hacksaw

If you do a lot of metal fabricating work in your farm shop, you'll be interested in the "Time Savin' Tigair", an air powered portable hacksaw marketed by The Sheffield House, Montrose, Calif., and manufactured by Tigair Products of Los Angeles. Operating on 10 to 100 lbs., of air pressure, its speed is adjustable from 90 to 1,200 1 3/4-in. strokes per minute. Using standard high speed hacksaw blades, it cuts up, down, straight line or in tight curves and produces a burrless cut that virtually eliminates final grinding, according to Jack Skeehan, sales manager. Cutting speed is adjustable downward from 1,200 strokes per min, and, unlike electric tools, it cannot be damaged by stalling, Skeehan points out.

He adds that the Tigair is safe and non-sparking, and has a self-lubricating system which automatically oils all moving parts, including the blade. Complies with OSHA standards. Weighs 6 lbs., measure 16 in. long and 5 3/4 in. high. An optional pipe cutting guide allows the Tigair to cut pipe precisely to the desired angle. It accommodates 5 1/2-in. pipe at 90 degrees, down to 3-in. pipe at 45 degrees.