Wood Liner Saves Deteriorated Silos

If you're wondering what to do with a concrete or steel silo that's acid corroded, time worn or fire damaged, you may want to consider relining it with a wood liner.

"In many cases, it's a lot cheaper and longer lasting than sand blasting, replastering, recoating or other alternatives," say AI Gurney, of Unadilla Silo Co., Unadilla. N.Y. The company manufactures a wood stave Una-Liner kit for "saving" poured concrete, concrete stave, tile or steel silos.

"You can Una-Line the entire silo interior, or just the bottom portion where juice acids have eaten into the masonry or metal," explains Gurney.

Creosote-treated staves making up the Una-Liner kit are the same type used for Unadilla's wood silos.