Dust Eliminator For Deere Combines

This new-style dust eliminator for Deere combines chain drives off the grain conveyor on the feederhouse throat, eliminating the need for the electric or hydraulic motors used on other dust control kits.

Harold Kruckman's E-Z View system consists of two 12-in. dia. fans contained in a steel box that mounts above the inspection holes on all late model Deere combines. The fans remove dust from both sides of the feederhouse to control dust, improve visibility and keep windshields clean, notes Kruckman, adding that other units on the market have only one fan.

Installs with four self-tapping screws and requires drilling one 3/8-in. dia. hole in the side of the wooden rail to hold a sprocket and pulley that drive the fans. Installation takes about a half hour, Kruckman says.