Two-Way Snowblower Works In Forward Or Reverse

You can blow snow going either forward or back with this new two-way, 3-pt. mounted snowblower.

"It works twice as fast as conventional snowblowers," says Jean Robert, Anderson Co., Chesterville, Quebec.

The Avalanche snowblower has a curved metal shield that rotates 180 degrees to cover either the front or back of the 26-in. dia. auger. Each side of the hydraulically-controlled shield is equipped with a carbide scraper blade, so no matter which side the shield is on, one of the blades will always be in contact with the ground.

"The impeller is located at one end of the machine instead of the center, so the entire auger rotates in the same direction unlike blowers with a center-mounted impeller which has two augers going in different directions. As a result, the machine requires less power to operate and is also more fuel efficient," says Robert. "This machine really comes in handy for clearing snow from narrow spaces between buildings, where you can't blow snow to the left or right or backward. You simply rotate the discharge chute to blow the snow forward, in front of the tractor."

The company offers two models -- one 86 in. wide and the other 92 in. wide. The 86-in. model requires a tractor with at least 60 hp while the 92-in. model requires an 80 hp tractor.