Amazing ATV Tree Saw Cuts "On-The-Go"

By Bill Gergen, Senior Editor

We almost couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this new ATV-mounted tree saw in action. The ATV zipped around a field, traveling at speeds of 5 to 10 mph and never stopping as it cut one tree after another.

The amazing "Tree Chopper" slices through trunks up to 4 in. in diameter, yet requires no outside power source. It'll work on any 400cc or larger ATV. Smaller ATVs should have 4-WD and can only be used to cut smaller trees.

The cutting assembly consists of five hardened steel disc blades mounted on a V-shaped cutterbar. Three blades on front serve as pre-cutters that partially slice into the trunks. They're followed by two 10-in. dia., spring-loaded blades that are only .002 apart and rotate on bushings as the tree trunk slides between them. The tree then falls off to the side.

The entire unit is raised and lowered by attaching a lifting device such as a winch, ratchet strap, or chain to a hook on the chassis. The design allows it to float over rough terrain.

"It cuts as smooth as a whistle. You can't believe how well it works until you see it on action," says Steve Scott, ATV-X, Inc., Centennial, Colo. "It works a lot faster than skid loader-mounted cutters that have jaws that have to open and close. You can ride around and pop off hundreds of small trees per hour. Another advantage is that it cuts the tree trunk at ground level without leaving a stump. We made it to cut down cedar trees but it'll also cut locusts, hedges, oaks, pines, and willows, and so on. The blades are made of a hardened steel that's the same type the military uses to arm its military vehicles.

"It can't cut bigger trees like skid loader-mounted units, but it works much faster than they do. Some commercial cutters use skid loader-mounted cutters for big trees and our ATV-mounted unit for small trees because it works so much faster. Another advantage is that it doesn't smash the grass down. And it's maintenance-free, with no grease zerks. When you're done using it you just spray it off with a high pressure washer to get the dirt off."

Scott says his partner invented the ATV-mounted tree cutter after his grandmother paid a lot of money to have some land cleared of trees. Yet two years later the trees started growing back. "One day my partner was riding with his son on a 4-wheeler and accidentally ran over a 2-ft. high tree. He thought, wouldn't it be nice if you could cut down small trees while riding on an ATV?"

The mounting bracket attaches to the ATV frame with four bolts and remains permanently on the ATV. The cutting assembly is attached to the bracket by two quick-release pins.

Scott says they soon plan to introduce a model for skid steer loaders.