Water Storage Tanks

A water storage system from Australia, the driest continent on earth, is now available in North America.

Common applications include rainwater harvesting, well water storage and fire fighting water storage.

"Pioneer Water Tanks fill a need for rural, domestic, commercial, mining, fire, aquaculture, and winery businesses," says the company's U.S. Manager Colin Chatfield, in Houston, Texas.

Assembled on site, tank sizes range from 5,000 to 700,000 gallons and they come with a 10-yr. limited warranty. Installation is faster than with traditional concrete tanks and they're much less likely to leak because they're able to shift with the movement of the earth.

The tanks are made with zinc/aluminum coated steel, and all components, including bolts, are galvanized to ensure a long life.

"Wind girts" (bolt covers) are used to hide protruding bolt ends, and make the tank stronger and tamper proof.

Pioneer Water Tanks come with a dome roof design, with other options available for heavy snow and wind conditions. Foundation options include a sand pad or concrete ring beam. For tank access, customers can choose between a roof hatch, a sliding hatch, a platform, or ladders.

Pioneer Water Tanks also offers accessories such as level indicators, whirly birds, filter baskets, and tank stands.