"Corn Caddy" Carries Corn For Stoves

"It looks nicer than placing a bulk tank next to your house or an old rusty grain cart. It's small enough to fit into a garage, and light enough that you can pull it behind any small pickup or small SUV," says Waylon McKinney, Coalgate, Okla., about his 2-wheeled Corn Caddy for fueling corn-burning stoves.

The 6-ft. 8-in. tall unit can hold up to 1,500 lbs. or 25 bu. of corn. That's close to a month's supply for most customers. Standard equipment includes electric brakes, radial tires, taillights and safety chains.

The tank is designed to fill from the top. To feed out corn, you place a 5-gal. bucket on a 4-ft. sq. metal tray and then slide the bucket under the cone.

The unit is painted olive green but can be custom painted other colors.