Shop-Built Adjustable-Height Creeper

Robert Greenwood of Bellwood, Neb., has engineered a solution to inaccessible vehicles. “Pickups are so tall now that I can’t service them from the ground,” he explains. “So, I took two bad floor jacks, some steel, a fiberglass step tread, and a folding tall creeper that allows me to adjust the height for any of the trucks and walk right up to work or get to a dipstick.”


     The project only took a few days after Greenwood worked out the design. “I welded everything in my shop; most of the design was based on the material I already had. My costs were just my time and welding materials; everything else I pulled from my iron pile.”


     He made the base from two worn-out floor jacks while the structure was tubing, which he salvaged from packing crates and old machinery. The grating on the steps came from leftovers from a shop stand in another building, and the front-end shield is a repurposed pickup bed liner. “About the only things I purchased were the plywood, rubber foam pad, and Naugahyde vinyl I used to form the cushion. Maybe $50 in total.”


     The project has proven to be a quick way to improve his ability to access vehicle undersides. “It worked out so well that I don’t think I’d do anything different. Maybe I’d add a tool tray to one side, or maybe the end,” he says. “Shop space is always at a premium, so I recommend making it fold like I did so it can become smaller. I store this one under a workbench most days.”


     Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Greenwood, 3961 E Rd., Bellwood, Neb. 68624.