Smart Cultivator Uses Old And New Technology

Stout Industrial Technology combines mechanical weeding with the most advanced technology in its Smart Cultivator.


     Targeting the labor-intensive and inconsistent nature of traditional weeding methods, the 3-pt. hitch tractor-drawn cultivator offers a solution that Stout claims requires 96 percent less labor than conventional methods. Using Stout’s “True Vision,” which employs deep learning-based neural networks, the cultivator differentiates crops from weeds with precision seed line tracking. This advanced vision system adapts automatically to ambient lighting conditions, soil types, and plant maturity, ensuring effective operation across different agricultural environments.


     The 6-row Smart Cultivator uses its machine vision and artificial intelligence to cultivate and weed using mechanical blades. The software ensures accuracy to 99 percent, capturing high-resolution images processed and analyzed through a convolutional neural network (CNN). Mechanical sweeps automatically open and close around the desirable plants at adjustable rates as the unit identifies the crop and the weeds.


     The machine currently differentiates between 15 and 20 vegetable crops. One to 2 acres can be weeded per hour.


     Manufacturing is completed in Salinas, Calif.


     “What sets the Smart Cultivator apart is our integration of Stout True Vision, enabling true plant identification and precise seed line tracking for various crops,” says a Stout Industrial spokesperson. “Additionally, the machine’s software-defined nature ensures continuous improvement over time, maximizing its value and longevity. Supported commodities include a wide range of row crops, and the machine is designed to adapt to new crops through ongoing learning and development.”


     Pricing varies, but potential customers can expect the Smart Cultivator equipped with True Vision to offer a competitive return on investment compared to manual weeding crews.


     Interested parties are encouraged to contact Stout Industrial Technology or their local New Holland dealership for more details.


     Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stout Industrial Technology, 90 Monterey Salinas Hwy., Salinas, Calif. 93908 (ph 831-455-1004;;