Chain Oiler Offers Mess-Free Lubrication

Ferrell McCollough, two-time motocross champion, invented the Oinker after years of frustration with the mess and inefficiency of traditional chain lubrication methods. “Not knowing what would happen, he posted his prototype to Instagram,” says daughter and business partner Brooke McCollough. “The response was overwhelming—within hours, his invention captivated the attention of the motorcycle community, amassing 30 million views.”


     Today, the father-daughter duo runs the company. “Our name, Oinker, originated during the development of the prototype,” McCollough explains. “Printed on the product was the name “Oiler.” My mom looked at the tool and misread the name as Oinker. I agreed with the name. After all, a greased pig is hard to catch!”


     Each Oinker clips onto the appropriately sized aerosol can and comes with dual inlets for large and small straws. There’s a skirt that fits around the aerosol can to stabilize the Oinker as it rubs against the chain. Attaching the Oinker to the valve housing allows it to rotate while it rubs against the chain, resulting in proper chain lubrication without chain kinks, more responsive acceleration, and better handling.


     “Unlike the traditional straw method, which often results in either over-oiling or under-oiling, Oinker guarantees the perfect lubrication every time, thanks to its precisely spaced exit holes tailored to the chain size,” explains McCollough. The tool minimizes the risk of over-spraying, wasting chain lube, or accidentally hitting critical components like the tires or brake rotors.


     “Designed to accommodate a wide range of chain sizes (428, 520, 525, and 530), it's perfect for ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, and side-by-sides used in agricultural settings, says McCollough. “Farmers will appreciate the ease of maintenance and the reliability. We’re capable of manufacturing small runs that allow for custom solutions for double and triple-strand chains and leaf chains.”


     Customer reviews indicated that the Oinker is high quality and performs precisely as advertised. Users report that the functional design saved them time and money on chain lube. While some mention that it doesn’t seem to snap in place on first use, adding pressure appears to solve the problem.


     The Oinker is made in the USA and is patent-pending. A wide variety of styles are available, each retailing for $21.99. Current models can be found on the company website.


     Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Oinker Chain Oil, 8384 Sand Cherry Ln., Laurel, Md. (ph 240-909-6330;;