Slick Adapter To Move Garbage Bins

Nicholas Streenz wanted to make it easier for his grandpa to move a full wheeled garbage container to the end of his driveway, so he built a lifting tool that mounts to the 3-pt. hitch of a tractor. Streenz works as a welder and metal fabricator, job experience that allowed him to fabricate the handy device and weld it together in less than an hour.


     The base of the lifter is a large piece of angle iron that bolts to the horizontal drawbar on the tractor. He welded two vertical uprights made of 1 1/2-in. wide channel iron to the support bar and connected them on top with a large metal pin. Two U-shaped metal hooks are welded onto a metal plate welded to the uprights.


     The channel iron brackets extend about 12-in. above the hooks and are held together at the top by a metal pin. The pin connects to the top link of the tractor’s 3-pt. hitch.


     When the 3-pt. hitch is raised, the U-shaped metal brackets grab the lift bar of the garbage container. Streenz says his grandpa acted like a little kid when he got to use it because now he has another chance to drive his tractor and doesn’t have to walk the bins down his driveway.


     Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nicholas Streenz, Saybrook, Ill.