Club Car Rebuilt Using Old Signs

Minnesota handyman Wayne Pelland says, “Just about everyone I knew told me I couldn’t rebuild the old Club Car I got from the local paper mill into a usable vehicle, but after a couple of years of cutting, bending, and configuring old road signs into metal panels, I came up with something pretty impressive.”


   Pelland says his friends’ comments were well justified because when he got the old car, it didn’t have a motor, wheels, or tires and was ready for the scrap yard. Since Pelland worked for the county, he sorted through piles of old road signs to find those that weren’t too damaged and could be used for car parts. He made a metal bender, then used flat salvaged metal from several signs.


   “It took me a couple of years, with several starts and stops before I got everything right, but all-in-all, it looks fairly authentic,” Pelland says. The front has vertical grill openings and a squared-off hood with embedded headlights and reflectors, vaguely resembling a Jeep. The side and rear panels and the operator platform are smooth and sturdy. Pelland configured a new steering column, bought two new padded seats, and built a metal roof supported by tube steel.


   New wheels and tires and a sparkling blue paint job rounded out his project. He bought a 7-hp. Briggs motor to provide power, just enough to give his grandson a comfortable and safe vehicle to polish his driving skills.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wayne Pelland, 1803 6th Ave. E., International Falls, Minn. 56649.