Beam Eliminates Snow Ridges

Eric Pederson didnít like the tall ridges left on the sides of his driveway after using his loader bucket to clear snow. When the next North Dakota wind came through, it would blow the snow back onto his driveway.


   ďSo, I was looking at wings on road graders,Ē Pederson says, and he went on to bolt a wooden 4x4 under the loader bucket.


   The beam extends out from the bucketís right side about 4 ft. at about a 30-degree angle.

   Pederson explains that he first moves snow with just the bucket, then adds the 4x4 with three 1/2-in. bolts.


   ďI was worried it would break easily, but I had the wooden 4x4 on hand, so I had no input cost and have used it several times without problems,Ē he says.


   It takes a little time to put on and remove the 4x4, but itís been worth it to eliminate the ridge of snow, Pederson says.


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