Giant Portable Bin A “Best Buy”

Bern Prewitt Jr., Boyle, Miss.: “We often have problems with elevator lines being terrible and semis having to wait for unloading, so using the 4,000-bu. capacity Walkabout Mother Bin helps keep our three combines rolling in corn, soybeans and rice. We park it in a permanent spot on the edge of a field and our carts dump into it rather than into semis. The 22-in. unloading auger on the bin fills a semi in 3 1/2 mins. from the time the tarp unrolls until it rolls back and the driver heads out. There’s a scale on the bin so we know exactly how much is loaded. We run the bin with a Case 310 Magnum because it takes a good-sized tractor to move it around. The bin helps us get our crops in when conditions are right, so we don’t have downtime with combines waiting in the field.”


Keegan Jones, Pendleton, Ore.: “I’d been tracking the Walkabout bins in Australia for a while and got a flyer in the mail during harvest. We needed something that would keep us moving, and Walkabout was the answer. We’re 45 miles to the nearest terminal, and during harvest with two combines, we can always overrun our trucks, so the Walkabout Bin has really helped us. Some days we were sitting from 1 to more than 3 hrs. at a time, and that’s just not the case anymore. The cost of the bin is about half that of a combine, but using it is really like adding another combine because now our machines never sit and wait. Another benefit is that we can fill the bin at the end of a day when a field is done and move the machines to another field even if the terminal is closed. I use the bin for handling grain and feed blending during the off-season, so the bin is working year around. The bin is made well, and with the 22-in. unloading auger, it can fill a semi in about 3 min. It qualifies for a farm storage loan so that means low interest to buy it.”