Old Laundry Tub Makes Handy Oil Reservoir

Chris Nielsen has invented several handy gadgets to make jobs simpler around his farm and repair shop, but none of them helps keep his shop clean as well as his used oil reservoir.


   Nielsen changes a lot of oil in trucks, cars, campers and tractors that he dumps in large 50 gal. steel barrels for recycling. “I used different size funnels for quite a while, but the screens were never large enough, and getting the waste oil into the drum was always a long process,” Nielsen says. “One day, it dawned on me that an old laundry tub would work a lot better as a big reservoir because of its large drain and solid square bottom.”


   Nielsen set a sturdy old laundry tub on top of a 50 gal. waste drum with the tub drain extending into the top of the barrel. He placed a wire basket with 1-in. feet inside the tub to act as a strainer. “Most of the time, I just run the oil into the tub basket from my waste oil transfer pump. I can also put a smaller screen on top of the basket to remove smaller debris,” Nielsen says.


   The setup also works great to drain filters. He stands them on the large screen and any oil in the filters runs out through the screen into the bottom of the tub and into the barrel.


   “The best part of this idea is that it cost nothing and works great,” Nielsen says. “The worst part is that I didn’t think of it the first time a funnel tipped over and dumped a gallon of dirty oil on my shop floor,” he says.


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