Seed Box Opener Operated By Remote

Dumping a seed box is fast, safe and easy when its equipped with the IGSE remote-controlled opener. The redesigned BGO-20 Seed Box Gate Opener is a battery-powered actuator that fits major brands of bulk seed boxes.


   We introduced the original seed box gate opener a few years ago, but the BGO-20 is 60 percent faster and 60 percent lighter, says Woody Cown, Illinois Grain & Seed Equipment (IGSE). With 15 years in the industry, we saw a need for a product that could safely dump a seed box from a forklift into another seed box or conveyer.


   The BGO-20 is fast and easy to position. A spring-loaded latch locks it in place and releases it just as fast. The under-gate latch prevents the unit from falling off, even when the box is shaken.


   The $775 opener weighs just over 8 lbs. and fits both the Buckhorn and the new Orbis seed boxes. Its custom-made actuator provides 55 lbs. of linear-pull; enough, suggests Cown, for even the most stubborn seed box gate.


   Designed to work with Milwaukee batteries, a charged 2.0 Ah battery can provide more than 500 cycles of the actuator when activated by the internal RF receiver and remote. The receiver and remote have a wireless range of more than 750 ft.


   We've had very positive feedback, says Cown. As one customer told us, I used to climb up the mast on the forklift and reach out to open the slide. Now I can sit on the seat and push the button to operate with ease.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, IGSE, 488 N. State Route 49, Cissna Park, Ill. 60924 (ph 815-457-2979;;