Rafter Light Pole Helps See Inside Shed

Boyd Brue hangs extra light exactly where he needs it in his pole shed. A 10-ft. long, 1 by 3-in. board with a wooden hook at one end and a trouble light fixture on the other is easy to place when lighting up the shadows.


   I park two trailers in my pole shed with very little room to spare, says Brue. I can hang the light so I can see the trailer wheels in the left-hand rear mirror. I can park them within an inch of where they are supposed to be.


   The beauty of the idea is a combination of simplicity and versatility. The long board can hook on virtually any cross member of the sheds rafters. Not only does it hold the trouble light on the end, but the extension cord to it is also held up and off the shed floor.


   I replaced the original light with a high-power LED, says Brue. It gives out a lot of light. The end of the cord is wired into the overhead light circuit, but with its own switch at the light. If the overhead lights are on, I can turn this on for a little extra light.


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